Justin Guzman

FullStack Developer

About Me

Hello, my name is Justin Guzman, and I am a Software Developer tech apprentice at John Deere. I have always had a deep passion for technology, and my role here allows me to combine my love for innovation with my dedication to learning and growing in this ever-evolving field. My journey in technology has just begun, and I am eager to continue expanding my knowledge and skills to contribute to the future of the industry. In my free time I enjoy playing sports.

Ruby on rails, Python, Javascript, C#, HTML, CSS, SQL, and JAVA



React.js, bootstrasp, node.js


Git, Github, Unity, Workfront

LookBook Project

white book page with black background
white book page with black background

Worked on a group project to launch for cohorts to attach their skills, cohort name, their desired role, and an image of themselves. My role was a full-stack developer.

The Golf Exchange Marketplace

Created an online market place for golfers to buy and sell equipment, Main objective was to aim for a preowned marketplace to encourage people to take on the sport of golf. Also added a unique AI instructor using the OpenAi API to cater to your needs in golf knowledge and what clubs are recommended for you.

golf course near body of water
golf course near body of water

Travel Advisor

I leveraged the Google Maps API to curate a comprehensive list of hotels, attractions, and restaurants, meticulously organized by their respective ratings. This approach not only ensures a streamlined and efficient user experience but also empowers our users to make informed decisions about their travel plans. My utilization of the API reflects a commitment to delivering high-quality, user-centric information to enhance their overall experience.

silhouette of man holding luggage inside airport
silhouette of man holding luggage inside airport

Eye Mouse Tracker

Fun project using python packages that can control your mouse with your eye. With a blink of your left eye you are able to click and moving your eye around your screen acts an your track pad

cursor on black background
cursor on black background
macro photography of human eye
macro photography of human eye

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